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Previous to using the services of our website and making any transaction and/or purchase, you must read carefully the terms and conditions of use. In case of disagreement, you should not make use of our website and the services provided. In any other case, it is assumed that you accept all conditions.

The conditions of use are valid for the whole of the content and for anything that is included, generally or specifically, on our website. 123TICKETS holds the right to change the conditions at any time, so you must check for probable changes every time you use If you do continue using it, it is assumed that you accept all revised conditions. In any other case you are kindly asked not to use or visit our website.

Users/Buyers must be over the age of 18 years old and have full legal capacity.


The following conditions aim at helping you understand the process of purchasing tickets through, your obligations but also your rights towards 123TICKETS.

Every ticket you buy, gives you permission to attend the specific event and it is under the conditions written on it.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

A handling fee of up to 10% on the price of each ticket is charged by

This offer is conditional on the use of:

- PayPal
- the payment system of Delta Pay

Important notes:

- You will be asked to insert the controlling code when using your card.
The control code is also called the CVC-Card Validation Code for MasterCard and the CVV-Card Validation Value for Visa.
- The CVC is a three-digit code and it is printed on the back of the card in the signature stripe (the last 3 digits).
- Do not put any gaps in the card number.
- Orders are binding; the tickets can be neither returned nor changed.
- The tickets may be ordered by the credit card owner only.
- Payments using somebody else's cards are not allowed. Also, it is not possible to pay on the behalf of others.
- The maximum allowed purchase per user is 5 tickets
- 123TICKETS reserves the right to cancel or change offers and discounts on the 123TICKETS network at any time without reasoning any/or prior notification.

The confirmation e-mails are sent to the e-mail address given upon purchase.
If the address is given incorrectly or technical problems occur on the side of the user, 123TICKETS shall not be held liable for non-delivery of these e-mails.

Refunds - Changes

Before any purchase of tickets make sure that you have chosen the correct event and that you are satisfied with the seat / ticket class you are allocated. The agreement between 123TICKETS and its partners does not allow refunds or ticket exchange. Moreover, we are not responsible for tickets that have been lost, stolen or destroyed. In case of failure to attend / receive tickets, no refunds are acceptable.

Protection of personal data

In accordance with the Greek and EU Legislation, the protection of your personal information is subject to strict confidentiality. Under no circumstances will personal data be sold or transferred to another party or organization.

In order to perform any transaction through the 123tickets  e-shop and to make any order of the company’s products, you will be asked to provide some personal data. When you place an order, you will be asked to provide your full name and surname, the address for the delivery of products, your fixed phone number (or whichever phone number you specify), your email address and as a payment method, you will be asked to provide the card number, its expiry date as well as the 3-digit security code of your card.

Our company shall process these data in accordance with article 7Α par. 1 (b) of Law 2472/1997, in order to complete the order placed by our customers and shall in no way disclose, publish or sell these data to any third parties, except in case a legal procedure regarding the withdrawal of confidentiality is initiated (L. 2225/1994) or according to other obligations arising from the GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION of the E.U.

Secure data transferral

Data transfer between your computer and the 123TICKETS server is made secure by an SSL protocol code. This makes the misuse of transferred data impossible.


1. These Guarantee claim guidelines apply to any claim regarding tickets purchased through the 123TICKETS sales network.
The payment for admission is not refundable unless expressly stated otherwise here in.

2. Purchased tickets may not be changed, exchanged, or replaced.

3. Only the tickets buyer – the person who made the purchase is liable to pick up the tickets. ID/Passport/driver’s license and the confirmation mail are required for ticket pick up

4. 123TICKETS is not the organizer / promoter of individual cultural, social, sports or other events for which the tickets are sold and bears no responsibility for any such event, for any alteration regarding such events or their dates, for the running of such events or for any circumstances arising within such events or for anything that may originate originating from and / or during such events. We accept no responsibility for any damage or injury incurred by customers in relation to such events. It will especially not be liable for any expenses incurred by customers in relation to such events and their alteration, cancellation or conduct. All claims must always be forwarded to the relevant event organizer. In the case of the complete cancellation of an event the paid admission will be returned as stated below.

5. In the case of complete cancellation, 123TICKETS will send a written notice to the customers who provided their contact information (via e-mail, mailing address, fax etc.) that the event is cancelled. 123TICKETS shall not be held liable if the notice is not delivered because it is impossible to inform the customer in the given way or if the notice of cancellation is delivered with a delay.

6. Upon cancellation of any event, the price of each  already purchased and paid ticket will be reimbursed by debiting the relevant credit card or bank account from which the payment has been made  , only and strictly to customers who have purchased tickets from the 123tickets network

7. Upon Cancellation of any event, the price paid for the purchase of the ticket through the network of markets and 123TICKETS which customers received the same whether through consignment or otherwise will be returned to those customers.
123TICKETS, is not responsible for any ticket purchased at any other outlet outside the 123tickets network  and will not make any refund  return for such tickets.

8. Any kind of refund for tickets purchased in accordance with sections 6 and 7 will not include:
- the service charge of 123TICKETS,
- costs (Postal Service, courier service etc.) if the customer has chosen this method  of delivery.
- All charges levied by financial institutions (paypal, banks, credit cards etc), according to the payment method chosen by the client

9. All queries and complaints will be sent without unnecessary delay, to Support Department of 123TICKETS, (e-mail: Tel: 0030 2106231077,  mon-fri 10am-4pm fax: 0030 2106231080).

10. 123TICKETS, will forward all complaints subject to section 4 to the promoter / organizer of the event for comments and customers will be notified accordingly within 30 days after receipt of the complaint. If customers want to make a complaint directly with the organizer of the event, 123TICKETS will provide contact details. Regarding claims sections 6 and 7, if sent to the address of 123TICKETS or paid by invoice or charged employee, 123TICKETS will handle them directly

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