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M.O.D. live in Athens 22/12/2019
Κyttaro Live
Price 22,00 Ε

Celebrating 30 Years Of Death & Destruction

M.O.D. (U.S.A.)

(Setlist will include both M.O.D. & S.O.D. classic songs)

Sunday 22 December 2019 - Kyttaro Live

1985 was a landmark year for extreme sound since that's when the ultimate crossover album of all time was released. The album that managed to bring thrash, punk and hardcore together in the best possible way, “Speak English Or Die” by Stormtroopers Of Death, better known as S.O.D. That lineup consisted of Scott Ian and Charlie Benante of ANTHRAX, Dan Lilker of NUCLEAR ASSAULT (ex ANTHRAX, ex BRUTAL TRUTH, etc) and, at that time, little known, Billy “Mosh” Milano (ex MASTERY, ex UNITED FORCES, ex ANTHEM, ex THE PSYCHOS). After the release and massive success of the album, Billy “Mosh” Milano formed a group that stayed true to the S.O.D. sound under the initials : M.O.D. which stood for Method Of Destruction.


In 1987, with Scott Ian on production, “U.S.A. For M.O.D.” was released. Billy “Mosh” Milano, kept S.O.D.'s music going with no less than 19 songs in the album, the longest being “Aren’t You Hungry?” which is just over 3 minutes long with a distinctly crossover attitude and politically incorrect sense of humour.


In less than a year, in 1988, the characteristically bizzare “Surfin’ M.O.D.” EP was released, featuring a host of dialogues from a non-existent film, some BEACH BOYS and assorted “Surf” bands covers and an overall "taking the p...s" vibe. It was followed by the spectacular “Gross Misconduct” in 1989, a return to their earlier sound at a time when it would seem that most were jumping ship… The “Rhythm Of Fear” released in 1992, was a little harder to categorize since it had plenty of hardcore elements but, at the same time, was too rap infused for M.O.D. fans to easily accept, even though the album is undeniably good. Subsequently, their contract with Megaforce Records fell through and the two albums that came after, “Devolution” and “Dictated Aggression”, suffered the consequences of bad distribution and led Billy “Mosh” Milano to break the group up and release one more album as S.O.D.


“The Rebel You Love To Hate”, came out in 2003 from Nuclear Blast Records, with yet another amazing cover artwork, this time making fun of Michael Schenker and other bands such as RAMMSTEIN and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. Since then, another album “Red, White & Screwed” (2007) was released and the group retired only to reunite in 2015, when they again... retired but only for a little while. Their latest album “Busted, Βroke & American” came out in 2017 from the legendary Megaforce Records to whom they've been re-signed, while, during the same year, “U.S.A. For M.O.D.” was re-issued in celebration of its 30 year release anniversary.


M.O.D. will finally perform for the first time in our country in Thessaloniki and Athens where they'll present their unique mix of thrash and hardcore, fronted by one of the most gifted and larger-than-life performers this country has seen. Billy “Mosh” Milano will be joined by Rob Moschetti (FRAGILE MORTALS, ex M.O.D., ex PRO-PAIN, ex MUTILATION, ex GENERATION KILL, etc), Michael Arellano and Jason French in a setlist that will include M.O.D. as well as S.O.D. classics guaranteed to break some necks!


Start time: 22:00 - Tickets: 20 Euro (Limited Presale) - 23 Euro (Presale) - 25 Euro (At the door)


M.O.D. live in Athens 22/12/2019
Sunday 22 December 2019
Κyttaro Live
(Ηπείρου 48, Αθήνα, Ελλάδα 10439)
Start Time: 22:00
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