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Fifth Angel (SKG)
Eightball Club
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Fifth Angel are active once again!


The Seattle music scene in the mid 1980’s was a breeding ground of exceptional talent.

“Heavy metal” was a new wave of music that was sweeping the globe,

and Fifth Angel is one of the forefathers of the legendary Seattle metal scene

that produced iconic metal bands such as Queensryche and Metal Church.


Original guitarist Ed Archer rejoined the group with Ken Mary (drums) John Macko (bass),
and with two new members, Steve Carlson on vocals and Ethan Brosh on guitar, the lineup
was completed for 2024 shows.


Fifth Angel (SKG)
Sunday 22 September 2024
Eightball Club
(Πίνδου 1, Λαδάδικα, Θεσσαλονίκη 54625)
Start Time: 21:00
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