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Theatro Anatolikis Tafrou
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Save the date, Saturday, 29th of July 2023!


●  GEOFF TATE (Operation: Mindcrime)

●  SAKIS TOLIS (Rotting Christ)



Chania Rock Festival enters its third decade of existence, and there is always a way to celebrate!

●  We announce the headliners of Chania Rock Festival for Saturday, July 29th: PARADISE LOST, one of the most beloved bands of the Greek public, the undisputed kings of dark, gothic metal!!
15 years after their unforgettable appearance at the Chania Rock Festival, Nick Holmes, Greg Mackintosh and the rest of the gang from Halifax, Great Britain, return to remind why they are considered one of the greatest and most important bands of the last 30 years in metal music.
From their initial doom/death sound of "Gothic", to the monumental "Icon" and "Draconian times", from the more experimental "One second", to the electronic "Host" and from the crossover "Symbol of life" to the darkness of “In requiem” and the return to roots that they have attempted in recent years, PARADISE LOST surprise us, take risks, gain new fan-base and create albums that are benchmarks in the metal sound.


●  On the same day it is a huge honor to present one of the greatest metal singers of all time.
We welcome the incomparable GEOFF TATE, former lead singer of QUEENSRYCHE, to perform the entire "Operation: Mindcrime", one of the most important records in hard music, as well as all the other great hits of QUEENSRYCHE !
“I don’t believe in love" “Eyes of a stranger” “Revolution Calling”. “Sweet Sister Mary” “Breaking the Silence”, “Spreading the Disease”, “Operation: Mindcrime”, “The Needle Lies”, “Speak”, “The Mission”, and other hits like “Empire”, “Walk in the Shadows”, “Best I can”, “Silent Lucidity”, “Jet City Woman”, “Queen of the Reich” will be performed under the Cretan sky and will make that night an unforgettable one for all of us!
This night, magic will take place at the Theater Anatolikis Tafrou at Chania! Those who have already watched the performance of "Operation: Mindcrime" have been talking for a long time and we are sure that this year's Chania Rock Festival experience will be incomparable
●  The "Father" of Greek extreme metal, SAKIS TOLIS, will accompany these two groups in an exclusive appearance for Greece, in 2023!!!
The leader of ROTTING CHRIST released his debut solo album "Among the fires of hell", experimenting with quite clean vocals, paying a "visit" to the  ROTTING CHRIST period that many of their fans adore, the one of "A dead poem" and "Sleep of the angels".
Sakis Tolis will present the material from his solo album live for the first time, accompanied by a real all-star band. Of course there will be many surprises in the setlist!


The line-up of the day will be completed with 2 more bands, this will be an evening of great celebration!
The Theater Anatolikis Tafrou will host this year's Chania Rock Festival. It is located close to Chania old Port and provides space for standing but also for sitting crowd.
Chania and Crete are looking forward to host you and celebrate with you this summer!
Saturday 29 July 2023
Theatro Anatolikis Tafrou
(Νικηφόρου Φωκά και Κύπρου, Χανιά 731 32)
Start Time: 18:00
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